How to Dream Lottery Numbers

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Anyone who has played lottery games such as EuroMillions for any length of time will have read about jackpot winners who reported that their winning numbers came to them in a dream. Usually such dreams occur all by themselves, but there are things that lottery players can do to increase their chances of dreaming about lottery numbers. Of course, playing numbers that you come across in a dream doesn’t actually increase your odds of winning, but it’s certainly an interesting approach and – if you happen to get extremely lucky – it just might help you land a big win!

There are three main ways of programming your dream content that we would like to present here, and you can use one, two or all three of them as you please. The techniques are as follows:

1 – Verbal Programming

This technique requires you to repeat the phrase ‘Tonight I will dream about lottery numbers…’ over and over as you drift off to sleep each night. Whether you repeat the phrase mentally or out loud is entirely up to you, but if you share your bed with someone else the silent approach might be your best option. The idea behind this technique is that you are giving your subconscious mind a clear and direct instruction that it will hopefully take some notice of when you begin dreaming.

2 – Visual Programming

This technique is similar to the previous one, but here you spend a few minutes giving your subconscious mind some visual cues that might help you dream about lottery numbers. You can look at pictures of brightly-coloured lottery balls, watch a previous draw that you have recorded on TV or even browse through our EuroMillions Lottery app just before you turn the lights out.

3 – Physical Preparation

The third technique is to physically prepare your sleeping environment for success. That means putting a pad and pencil by your bed so that you can quickly make a note of the lottery numbers that you intend to dream about. Spending a few moments arranging these items before going to sleep – and expecting that you will actually have cause to use them – will be more effective than simply putting them there once and forgetting about them on subsequent nights.

You will probably have to use your chosen technique(s) for a while before you dream about lottery numbers, but none of the ideas that we have provided take much effort, so view their use as an interesting experiment and hopefully it won’t be too long before you have your first lottery dream. Whether or not the numbers that you eventually dream about will actually help you to win a major prize is a different matter entirely…

Sweet dreams and good luck!

Written by Tim Reynolds

19th April 2012